About us

Italy is a legendary country with a millennial history. Everything about it is famous or symbolical: architecture, literature, music, fashion and, of course, food. Even Italians acknowledge that food in their country has turned into a cult. Food processing rules are observed here with scrupulosity and are often enshrined in legislation. In addition to strict rules and standards, food production is controlled by a multitude of producers’ associations. But the main and most demanding element of this chain is the customer. So, not surprisingly, Italian cuisine is the most popular in the world, while staying one of the healthiest and most wholesome of them. We hope to share with you the pleasure of tasting genuine Italian products from various regions of Italy.

Romeo Rossi Srl is an Italian company created by experts in food production and, first and foremost, true connoisseurs of region-specific gastronomy. We produce and supply Italian goods which are well-known and loved in the whole world: the legendary pasta, risotto, exquisite coffee, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, creams, pesto sauces, tomatoes and tomato sauces. That is not by far the complete list of products offered by Romeo Rossi. We are a dynamic, developing company that constantly expands its range of products.


We tend to give our customers only the best Italian products at a fair price.


* Only original Italian products. Absolutely all goods offered by our company are produced in Italy.

* Uncompromised quality. All our goods are produced by small factories and farm households, and some of them are handmade.

* Fair prices. You can always be sure you are not paying extra just for a massively promoted brand.

* Optimism and predictability in cooperation. We look ahead with confidence and we believe that integrity in business will always yield a positive result.


Romeo Rossi offers a unique range of products. We give you the possibility to buy authentic Italian products that have become well-known and appreciated all over the globe. We guarantee the quality of our goods. All our products come with the necessary certificates of conformity and quality. We have developed a simple and user friendly web page for the convenience of our customers. It has the entire range of our products which is, by the way, renewed on a regular basis. Fair prices for all our products. We try to make our prices as affordable and attractive for our customers as possible. A flexible policy of cooperation with regional representatives and wholesale buyers. We value our partners and do our best to make our business transparent and mutually beneficial.