The Romeo Rossi story


Romeo Rossi is a progressive and developing Italian company, a true connoisseur of Italian cuisine and the most colourful of the Italian culinary brands. We are not just a manufacturer, but a tireless seeker of new modalities, ingredients and flavour combinations. We know and deeply understand the nature of Italian products.

We are a brand that redefines traditional Italian cuisine and offers the world a new modern Italian food culture.

Every Romeo Rossi product has its own story and character. We are constantly experimenting to find the best combinations of Italian products and recipes in order to give people around the world the chance to enjoy authentic Italian food.

Romeo Rossi is more than just family values and the classic tradition of Italian cuisine. We are about an irresistible thirst for surprising discoveries, which we translate into our recipes.

"Cooking with pleasure, living with taste".

To live life beautifully, it is not enough to get an education, find a good job and raise children. Living it means experiencing and enjoying all its aspects, contrasts and mysteries. To breathe life in. To taste it. To dance it. To capture amazing moments and share them with friends.

To see the black sand of Iceland and the rice beaches of Sardinia.

To surprise and be amazed.

To notice all the colours of the world and bring your own beauty.

To create the new and different.

Taste the pleasure of taste.

To understand the nuances of taste and enjoy the process. 

That is the true richness and beauty of life. 

Romeo Rossi and loves life in all its manifestations and is a guide for living beautifully.

An assortment of authentic Italian products, both classic and contemporary Italian cuisine. An assortment to satisfy the appetite of both expert cooks and novice cooks alike. 

Romeo Rossi Gastronomic House – cook with pleasure, live with taste!




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